I was created to create.

Hi ! My name is Lia..

Something about me

I was born in Moldova and moved to Italy forever when I was 18. I initially lived in Como and then moved permanently to Milan, the city that inspired me to follow my biggest dream. My life revolves around fashion and art, my two greatest passions. And with Rebelashion I unite the two pillars of my life and make art wearable .I don’t follow rules, I don’t follow trends and I don’t run after likes. I just want one thing: TO CREATE.

Welcome to my world!


“Creativity is the greatest  rebellion in existence” – is the phrase that perfectly describes the vision of our brand. Fashion, rebellion, creativity,  looking out of the comfort zone, unity and acceptance are the principles on which Rebelashion is founded.

Here there are no borders and there are no rules. We are all unique, we are all beautiful, creative and trendy. Here you can transform thought into art, here you can give art, here you can become art, here anyone of you is an artist. And Rebelashion gives life to your inner art.

Broken crayons still color.